Collateral Loans


Use your gold, diamonds, or jewelry as loan collateral!

If you would rather not sell your item(s), a collateral loan may be best for you. We finance loans, $2,500 and up. We typically lend two to three times more than a pawnshop does, because our experts know the true value of your items.

We lend on jewelry, diamonds, precious metals, coins, sterling silver flatware, fine Swiss watches, antiques, artwork, collectibles, vehicles and more. It is quick and easy, strictly confidential and does not require a credit check. This service is only available to local clients, by appointment only.

If you are looking for a trusted San Diego pawnbroker, then you should strongly consider our services.

We are not your typical San Diego pawnshop by any means. We primarily lend cash on jewelry, diamonds, gold and other precious metals, along with coins and fine Swiss watches. We deal with a refined clientele who understands the need for short-term cash loans and appreciates the level of service we provide.

All business is conducted in our private Del Mar office, by appointment only, and remains strictly confidential. Items pledged as collateral are monitored and stored securely in appropriately rated vaults. A cash loan with us is simple to understand and repay. All loans are good for up to 4 months and can be rewritten simply by paying any accrued interest owed. Additionally, no loan shall ever expire, be sold or forfeit, without the client first being sent a written notification via the mail. Since we do not require a social security number when receiving a cash loan in San Diego, you can rest easy knowing that if you decide not to repay the loan, the debt is non-recourse, meaning it never needs to be repaid and won't be reported to any credit agency. Furthermore, we are a licensed and bonded collateral lender / pawnbroker in the state of California.

We have a reputation of offering the highest prices for jewelry, diamonds, gold and other valuables to be used as collateral for a cash loan in San Diego. When you need a large collateral loan, We are the place to go. We're not your typical San Diego pawn shop, and hope the information shared assists you in making an informed decision on your financing needs. If you are ready to contact us, please click here and we will be happy to assist you.

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